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Riley Freeman (brother)Edit

Just like in the series Huey and Riley have a pretty normal brother bond. They seem to fight alot. Normally their fights are over little things. Mostly because they are so different. Riley consist of the very things Huey hates. Huey is more politically minded and critical while Riley pushes that away and focus on things like violence, gangs, rappers, and money. This causes alot of tension between the brothers. Although they usually fight over small stuff once (in Life's 

For once

Getting along...for once

Complications and One Night) they have fought over each others girlfriend. In one Riley and Jazmine cheated on their spouses and kissed. Huey found out and they got into a fight (Huey winning and slightly cracking Riley's nose). In the other Huey and Cindy kissed (unknowingly because they were drunk) and Riley saw them. Although One Night has not finished so we don't actually know if they get into a fight there is a big chance they will. However despite them fighting so much they are really close. Huey even admitted in one
Huey and riley

Huey and Riley

of the stories that when he's mad at Riley and they fight he soon gets over whatever they were mad about. Also just before Huey and Riley leave to go to college they have a serious talk admitting they will miss each other. This shows that no matter how much they fight they will remain close and brother. 

Granddad (guardian/grandfather)Edit

Unlike the series Huey's and Granddad's relationships kinda follows the way of the comics. They barely interact and when they do usually Granddad is yelling at him and taking Riley's side. Although it is shown that in Huey's older life they do become closer. Like in A Thug's Life in the second chapter it is revealed that Granddad only told Huey about him going to see Ebony. This shows that he does trust Huey. Also when Huey was captured Granddad did show that he was worried for him and admitted he loves him and Riley. Granddad is rarely written in her stories which is why their full relationship status is still not completely known.

Rosa Freeman (daughter)Edit

Rosa is Huey and Jazmine (future wife) daughter. Huey and Rosa relationship far surpasses father and daughter. She is a huge daddy's girl and has admitted several times through Rosa Elizabeth Freeman that Huey is her best friend and most favorite person in the world. As a child Rosa stayed around her father the most. Huey wholeheartedly loves his daughter and as a child they used to hang out alot. Mostly Rosa would come into his work room and watch him or they would sit in the living room and read the newspaper. As a teenager Huey has trouble letting go of Rosa (being that they spent so much time together throughout the years). Although he doesn't push her to hang out with him it is shown that he gets hurt when she rather sneak out to meet people (or person, Hiro.). 

Cindy McPhearson (sister in law)Edit

Huey and Cindy's relationship is much like Huey and Riley's, excpet minus the fighting. Cindy resembles the exact same things Riley does and her being white and oblivious to racial conditions further annoys him about her. Although in her stories Huey and Cindy do get along better than the actual series (but not a well as the comics). Huey does have some respect for Cindy (as her being very determined and independent) so just as Riley he is able to over look the annoying things about her. In I'll Protect You Huey admitted he only started to get to know her because she was dating Riley and he didn't fully trust her. He also admitted when he got to know her she wasn't that bad. This shows that Huey and Cindy do have a friendship. Also Huey and Cindy have hinted that maybe they do have some romantic tension as of One Night.

Cindy and Riley KidsEdit

Shanise and Christian (niece/nephew)Edit

Although they rarely interact it is known that Huey, Shanise and Christian have a good uncle to niece/nephew relationship. In I'll Protect You Huey, who is usually forced to go to places, shows up to Christians birthday party early. He only said because he is he's nephew (which shows that Huey does truly care for him). Also Shanise admitted she knows her Uncle has a sixth sense for lies which means she has spent some time with him.

Sophie and Ceaser KidsEdit

Jeremy, Mackenzie, and Stephanie (nieces/nephew)Edit

Just like with Cindy and Riley kids Huey and Sophie and Ceaser kids barely interact. However it is known that Huey was happy to see Jeremy at Christians birthday party (showing that he does enjoy both boys). The twins and him don't talk as much but it seems as if out of both of them Stephanie has a better relationship with him then Mackenzie (most likely because Stephanie reminds Huey of a younger Jazmine). Through Rosa Freeman there has been talk that Huey and Sophie and Ceaser kids aren't actually related. In all actuality they are related but has not been exposed to Luv ta Luv ya readers yet (see: Life's Complications: And It All Ends Now).

Love InterestEdit

Jazmine Dubios (girlfriend/future wife/in love with) (see:Juey)Edit

Jazmine Dubios and Huey Freeman are the complete opposites of each other. Huey is seen to be more quiet, mean, and wise far beyond his age while Jazmine is very loud (often shrieking when she is excited or screaming when she's sad), nice, and naive to the bone. Through their differences Jazmine was Huey's 

Jazmine and huey

Huey knows he likes it

first friend when he moved to woodcrest. Although many think Huey's attitude towards her is rude he see's it simply of trying to pull her out of her fanatsy world. Like the series Jazmine has a obvious crush on Huey, who seems oblivious to the fact or simply doesn't care. However in Life's Complications when Jazmine kissed him admitting her feelings, Huey did run home and admitted to himself that he did have feelings for Jazmine in return. This shows that maybe while Jazmine liked him, he liked her back although he wasn't aware of it. In all of her stories in the future Huey and Jazmine do get married. Although in there teen life while they dated their differences often bumped heads. Huey is very protective over Jazmine and has been that way before they started dating. This is probably because he is aware of how naive she is and doesn't want her to be taken advantage of which often happens. Before they actually got together Jazmine questioned Huey many times whether they would make a good couple or not. This shows maybe Huey really did just not care back then as he always replied no. Huey and Jazmine has admitted loving each other several times through Luv ta Luv ya stories.

Sophie Johnson (ex-girlfriend/best friend/loves)Edit

Sophie and Huey are very similar character wise. It is stated many times through out the stories tha t Huey and Sophie are just so much alike that their relationship almost never works out. This is because since both believe relationships are pointless they usually fall out of theirs unknowingly (as said in

Huey and sophie

Huey and Sophie kissing

 I'll Protect You). Despite this there is an obvious connection between the two that will never go away. Both have accepted this. However in their teen life Huey and Sophie dated often. They have alot of respect for each other and admitted they love each other several times. One of the main reasons Huey and Sophie never stayed together is because they are both aware of their best friends liking them (Huey knew Ceaser loves Sophie and Sophie knew Jazmine loves Huey), for sake of keeping peace the two split up. Although if drunk enough they will make the mistake of kissing or admitting feelings for each other (said in I'll Protect You). Their relationship has to be the most complex as they seem to love each other but also their spouses. They regularly hang out more then they do with anyone else causing suspicion. They both have agreed that staying friends is the best way to be. Since Luv ta Luv ya is coming out with a third Life's Complications fans are excited to see the development of Huey and Sophie.

Cindy McPhearson (sister in-law/ex-girlfriend)Edit

Cindy and Huey are a relationship rarely seen around Fanfictions. Despite this Luv ta Luv ya made one story where


First time for everything I guess

they do have feelings for one another. This came as a surprise to many. Huey and Cindy have admitted to hating each other many times (due to them being so different) but in One Night it is shown they like each other because of their differences. Huey continuously says he loves how independent, strong, determined, and sexy Cindy is. Cindy said she loved his stubbornness, fierceness, kissing, sense of humor, and attitude. Even in other stories (I'll Protect You, Life's Complications) they have pointed out how good looking the other is although it never lead to anything like in One Night. Even though when they first kissed in One Night it was a drunken mistake they continue to point out how much they enjoyed it and wish for another one. Cindy and Huey relationship has not been pushed in any other story by Luv ta Luv ya but many fans which for more and Luv ta Luv ya has agreed in the future to maybe write another fanfic about them.


Hiro (daughters ex-boyfriend/friend)Edit

Hiro's character has changed in Luv ta Luv ya stories. In Rosa Elizabeth Freeman Hiro is his daughter age and someone he hates due to past history with their family. This is invalid as One Night he is Huey age and one of his friends. Despite both of these through both of the stories Huey seems to be pretty uncaring for Hiro. In One Night he considers him an acquaintance but in Rosa Elizabeth Freeman he does show to have a bit of hatred for him. Although Luv ta Luv ya promises it'll go down later through the story.

Natasha (ex-friend)Edit

Huey and Natasha rarely interacted, only when Natasha was shown teasing him or giving him compliments. Still when Huey was feeling down at the party she was the only one who noticed and even stopped to ask him what was wrong. This is all pushed away when she admits to being the reason Ceaser got kidnapped. Huey snaps first out of the group and starts to yell at her until he cries. During the second Life's Complications Huey admits to hating being around her and doesn't care for her anymore. Still when they are on the rescue mission to rescue Sophie Huey and Natasha team up to save her. This is the first time in a while Huey places his trust with her again. She soon breaks it once again when she admits to actually working with Cairo the kidnap Ceaser and dating him. Huey doesn't blow up on her and instead seems to take his anger out on Cairo himself. He again doesn't like to be near her anymore. He, along with everybody else, is shocked however when she shots herself in front of them. He didn't cry like anyone else but due to her being dead his hatred for her seems to go away. Instead he feels neutral. In all of the other Luv ta Luv ya stories they seem to have a healthy relationship however. 


Cairo (ex-bestfriend/enemy)Edit

Cairo was Huey's former best friend (a nudge to the actual show) who Huey left when he moved to woodcrest. Huey at first seemed sad about moving from Cairo but befriended Jazmine and Ceaser and quickly forgets about Cairo. Later in the second Life's Complications Cairo returns as one of the major antagonist. In this he tries to kill Huey and his friends although it is never revealed why (going to be revealed in Life's Complications: And It All Ends Now). Although at first going to kidnap Ceaser Cairo loses interest in him and through the whole story tries to mess up Huey the most. He not only broke up his relationship he tortured the girl he had a crush on, tried to strangle him to death, and shot his best friend (Ceaser). Huey kills Cairo in the end and although hating his he does feel guilty which he admits after it happens. Still at the end of the story he brings up the fact of him killing Cairo, and knowing he did, and cheers with relief with everybody else when Ceaser announces that it is all over. This shows no matter how much he had felt guilty Huey truly did hate Cairo after what he did and he would never be his best friend anymore. 

Tristan (Jazmine's ex-husband/enemy)Edit

Tristan is first introduced in I'll Protect You as the main antagonist. Huey automatically hates Tristan once he finds out he's beating Jazmine. Many times he tried to go over to him to fight him, only to be stopped my Jazmine again and again. The story isn't finished yet but the hatred seems to be mutual between the two. Luv ta Luv ta says that their relationship will turn into a bloody battle in an upcoming chapter for I'll Protect You.


  • Huey is 2 years older then Cindy, Riley, Daniel, and Natasha but the same age as Sophie, Ceaser, and Jazmine.
  • Luv ta Luv ya has never fully explained¬†what happened to Huey and Riley's parents; keeping it a mystery just like the original show and comics.
  • Huey has dated Cindy but Riley has never dated Jazmine.
  • Although they claim to dislike each other Huey and Riley hang out alot in Luv ta Luv ya's stories.
  • Huey and Granddad interaction is rarely in any of Luv ta Luv ya stories due to Granddad rarely being in any of her stories.
  • Huey and Jazmine are expecting another child in Rosa Elizabeth Freeman
  • Rosa is currently Huey and Jazmine only child.
  • Huey's best friends are Ceaser and Sophie.
  • Despite Cindy acting exactly like Riley her and Huey don't argue that much.
  • Shanise ¬†and Christian are Huey's only blood niece and nephew.
  • Huey is related to Jeremy, Stephanie and Mackenzie but it is never revealed how.
  • How Huey is related to Sophie and Ceaser kids¬†will be revealed in Life's Complications: And It All Ends Now (the third and final Life's Complications).
  • Jazmine and Huey have dated in every single one of Luv ta Luv ya's stories.
  • Huey has admitted to having a difficult time to admitting his feelings for Jazmine.
  • Huey and Sophie have explained their attraction to each other in every story but has also mentioned staying just friends is best so it is never revealed¬†whether or not they¬†want to.
  • Cindy and Huey fanfics are very rare.
  • Huey only hates Hiro because of something that happened in the past that has also not been revealed yet. It¬†will also be revealed in the new Life's Complications.
  • Huey¬†was the only one¬†who never cried about Natasha dying.
  • Cairo is dead¬†which Luv ta Luv ya says is permenant.
  • Tristan and Huey¬†will be in a bloody battle in I'll Protect You.