HEY PEOPLE!!! If you have no life (like me right now) or just got really bored you came to check this out. THANK YOU!!! Seriously I'm gonna put alot of work into this guys so don't kill my vibe. Anyways why I made this? Because not only do I have no life I get really bored and I love checking this out for other shows. I've never actually seen one for a book but that's why I'm so original and that's why you love me ^_^ lol. In my mind you do at least (SAY NOTHING). Um yeah so check it out and for the love of everything make no changes, I'm the author I know what my characters are thinking and their personality. I made them! Anyways Enjoy and as always

Reviews are Love :)

That's so my signature ahaa. Okay it's 4:00 in the morning guys leave me alone. I'm probably gonna forget I even made this and if I do remember then I'm not gonna remember what I'm writing and I'm gonna be to lazy to reread it. So I apologize in advance if you're even still reading this lol \ ^_^ / bye guys love you!